Time to Start Driving

I was frustrated a few days ago with my current project, in that I was stuck trying to get everything set up just so.

I wasn’t really coding, and was trying to figure out the proper way to set up my local environment. And it led me to and through multiple sites and tutorials.

Since that day, I think I’ve started and re-started the project at least four or five times, trying a variety of different approaches. This restarting over and over again made me think a bit about a term that I learned from Liz in relation to knitting: the concept of frogging your project.

That’s pretty much what I did for a few days there, over and over again.

Today though, I’m excited to say that I think I’ve gotten things set up well enough to where I can maybe… just maybe, start to make some forward progress with code.

Though it’s overkill for this project, I’m building it with React. I’m using Express for the server portion, and trying out Webpack for the first time as well. Oh, and I’m also trying out Skeleton for the first time as well.

Luckily for me, I’m modeling a lot of the structure from a project I’m involved with for work. While that project uses Grunt, I decided to re-write things in Gulp as I’m a bit more familiar with it.

As of now, things seem to be going well. I can make changes to my .less file, and it compiles, gets combined and minified along with my other CSS files, and gets copied to my build directory. Same goes for any .js files I create or modify.

I added in some live-reload action, and things are showing up in the browser as soon as I hit save. It feels fast, and it feels good.

Using the car and map analogy, it feels like I’ve finally figured out the route I need to take… and I can begin driving. And actually getting a little bit of road under my tires.

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