Garage Clearing in Valpo

Drove over to Valpo early this AM, and helped Bob clear out some things in the little garage. There are technically two garages at their place: one that’s attached to the house, and one that’s a standalone (the “little” garage).

We started off the morning moving things around in the basement (you can see some of the space here). There are separate areas for Julie’s gardening equipment. woodworking, and pipe/electrical/HVAC.

We got things re-arranged in the basement, then loaded up the truck with some things from the “big” garage.

Because there’s a septic system in the yard, Bob had to drive the truck along the border of the property. With each load, we’d fill up the truck and he’d drive it around to the back where we’d walk it into the basement.

The day was super humid, and there were a ton of mosquitoes. They’ve woken up in Chicago too, with the recent rains, so it may be that time of year again. But right along the back of the house, they were just swarming. Bob and I both took a small bath of bug spray, and that mostly kept them at bay.

Julie got home around noon, and also fogged the back area (which helped immensely). We did several runs with the truck, and got some big items moved out of the “little” garage and into the basement.

We took a break around 1PM to have lunch. Around that time, we got hit with some serious rain… which effectively put a stop to our work for the day. The lights in the house went out for a few seconds, then flicked on and off for a bit after that… and eventually returned. Looking out the window at the rest of the lights in the neighborhood, other houses were flicking on/off as well.

Luckily, it was a passing thing and wasn’t a prolonged outage.

Our delicious lunch, which Julie prepared. BLTs (which also included some tomatoes from our garden box).

With the yard all wet from the rain, it no longer was a good idea to use the truck to make runs. So instead, we worked on setting up a small work area in the basement for Bob.

Around 4PM, I headed out and made my way back to the city. In texting with Liz, I learned that things were just fine in Chicago – bright and sunny in Hyde Park. It pretty much kept on raining since the storms hit at 1PM in Valpo, and there was light rain all the drive home.

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