Brunch at Bongo Room

Last Saturday, Liz and I got together for brunch with Meg, Josh, Michelle, and Mike. Though the time between our visits seems to be lengthy, when we all meet up again… it feels like we just pick up from when we last hung out together.

Our meeting place this time was the Bongo Room in Wicker Park.

A view of the table. One thing I learned: several in our group apparently seem to have strong feelings regarding “best practices” for dispensing ketchup.

My meal, which was a pile of berry cheesecake flapjacks. Which were pretty much what you imagined they would be: “cheesecake in pancake form.” I was happy to not succomb to my normal habit of coming here, and then ordering something heartier like an omelette. The sweet breakfasts are the main pull for the Bongo Room, and I’m glad to have indulged.

Afterwards, we all split up with the women heading to Oak Fabrics (formerly the Needle Shop), and the gents heading to Galerie F in Logan Square.

A view of the room – though my reason for taking this photo was the awesome dog there, on the floor. He was totally spread out, with all four legs shooting in all directions. It was incredibly adorable.

Wall of prints.

Buntacles, by Phineas X Jones.

Back room (which felt like a secret room).

Outside, a bit of street art in a doorway.

This is one thing I miss about no longer living in Wicker Park and Logan Square – the lack of street art I encounter, on a day to day basis.

We then drove over to meet with Liz, Michelle, and Meg at the Oak Fabrics Pop Up Shop.

Inside, this was the roll of fabric Liz had on the table. Because of course she found the Jackalope design.

A view of the fabrics (and Mike).

Another view of the fabrics (and Josh).

Group shot!

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