Meeting Evan for Lunch

This is a photo I did not take of my lunch with Evan, last week. I was in a rush to get to the North side from downtown (we met up at Burger Bar), and time got the better of me.

Interestingly enough, though we’ve “known” one another for many years through conversations via email… we’ve never really met and hung out before. Well, if you don’t count that one time where he chased me down Western Avenue holding a scary puppet and I fell on my face, running away.

Beyond that one time (our first time meeting in person), we never really have hung out.

So the lunch was a great chance to hang out and talk a little bit. Without running, and without any puppets.

We chatted a bit about Jellyvision, his work there and his transition over to Jackbox Games. I did make sure to mention how much Liz, Meg, Josh, Michelle, and Mike all really loved Quiplash.

I got to hear about his adventures as a parent (now with two kids), and we both traded some war stories about being official homeowners.

It was a really lovely conversation, and Evan was incredibly easy to talk with. Though we’d never hung out before, the back and forth between us made me feel like I’d known him for a long while. I learned that he was under a bit of a time crunch with work, and had some long hours ahead of him… so it made me even more appreciative that he was willing to take some time to have a long-ish lunch, to hang out, and to just chat.

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