The Infirmity Gauntlet

Mine is pretty much identical to Marvel’s, but with fewer infinity gems.

So it looks like I’ve hurt my right wrist *again*, and I’ve now got an appointment to go visit my wrist doctor next week. Also suddenly realizing that I have a specific wrist doctor that I go see now.

I couldn’t find my prior wrist brace, since it’s buried in a box somewhere. So I got a newer one, and this will suffice between now and next week.

I think I may have taxed my wrist when I was last helping bob in Valpo. But it wasn’t until some time last week that things got bad (when I heard a small series of three “pops” in a row).

There’s no actual pain, just a slight discomfort and a little bit of swelling (which has largely subsided). It’s really not too bad at all, but I decided to set up the appointment just to play things safe (as opposed to waiting, like I did the first time).

The new wrist brace is really just a precaution as well, to try to keep some of my movements more limited.

I am hoping that, this time around, I’ll just need a bit of time to heal. I’ve injured both my wrists, and they recovered just fine without cortisone or surgery – so I’m hoping the same is true of this most recent, incident.

If you’re curious for the back story, check out the links below. I’m actually kind of amazed at the level of detail I included when I documented all this in the past. And really happy I have so much info to reference again.

Well, not “really” happy. You know what I mean.

Getting old. Ugh.

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