Somm: Documentary About the Impossibly Difficult Master Sommelier Exam

Somm is a fantastic documentary, following four candidates who are working towards passing the incredibly difficult and demanding Master Sommelier exam. Since its inception about 40 years ago, there are less than 200 have ever passed.

Liz and I were watching this on Netflix, and by the time the actual exam rolled around… it was absolutely gripping. It was a fantastic documentary.

I think that, even if you’re not super into wine, it’s a great doc to watch. In many ways, it’s a lot more about the process that leads up to the exam. A very, very compelling film.

We happened to watch this on a lark, as we had previously watched a similarly titled documentary called SOMM: Into the Bottle. This documentary covered more of the history of wine, and how it’s created. We started watching this as a kind of precursor to our Wine Weekend in Augusta.

I remember Liz and I both staring at one another, seeing many of the incredibly rare bottles of wine that were opened. Somehow, some way, the filmmakers got some amazing footage of people opening really, really rare bottles. It was amazing to see.

I will also say that this documentary was also excellent, and super informative. Both are well worth watching (though I’d recommend watching Somm first).

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