Happy Anniversary to Us!

Hard to believe that it’s been seven years since Liz and I got married. I am so incredibly happy and fortunate to have found her, and I cannot imagine what my life would be like, without her.

I don’t know the last time I referenced it, but our wedding website (lizandfelix.com) is still online. We originally used it as a way to provide information to our guests, and it’s now where we store all the photos from the wedding itself. Consider this an official invitation to swing by and take a gander. Lots of fun links in the sidebar, too.

Fun side note: our wedding reception was at a place called Maxim’s, here in Chicago. Which was a replica of the original Maxim’s in Paris. Which was a place Liz and I visited when we were there, last year.

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Hoppily Ever After: Liz and Felix’s Handmade Wedding Invitations

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