Anniversary Dinner at RM Champagne Salon

Liz and I celebrated our anniversary by going out for some nice drinks after work at RM Champagne Salon.

While I’m not a big champagne drinker, I wanted to at least start off with a glass. Maybe it’s all the wine docs we’ve been watching lately, but I did make an effort to pay more attention to what I was drinking/tasting.

Oysters! An indulgence that I seem to only act on when we’re out for celebratory meals.

They had a delicious secection of macarons available, but the English nerd in me couldn’t resist taking a photo of the error on the menu.

We arrived right after work, around 5:45PM. The outside was already pretty full, so we opted to hang out inside. As the evening progressed, the interior ended up getting pretty full as well.

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for us. There’s a lot of travel lately, and it felt nice to just slow down a little and spend some time with one another, just hanging out.

Seven years. They’ve gone by seemingly so quickly, but we’re just getting started.

Happy Anniversary to Us!
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