Blocked Off

Funny moment tonight, when I was trying to get downstairs and got “trapped” for a bit.

It’s been some time since the bunnies came up the stairs. Phineas used to bound up and down them an awful lot. But he took a spill in the past few months (running with Daisy, who doesn’t seem to care and just sometimes “falls” down a stair or two).

We think Daisy’s rogue approach to stair traversal (Liz has purportedly seen Daisy leap over Phineas while coming down the stairs) led to one of Phineas’ spills. And he’s been pretty hesitatnt to come up ever since.

Daisy, on the other hand, has lately come and tested the space between the bannister rails. We’ve set up a few planks of drywall, but she’s been systematically pushing at them with her nose, looking for a way upstairs.

For the past while, the bunnies have been content on the ground floor. Looks like they might be expanding a bit, and have eyes on moving upstairs.

A Scream, a Scare, and a Bunny on the Loose

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