DC Vacation, Day 3: Courtney and Andrew’s Wedding at River Farm

Talking with Stacey last night, we decided that the six of us would all go and do one of the Escape Rooms we saw, yesterday. We ended up going with “The Wizard’s Apothecary,” which seemed more kid-friendly than some of the other rooms.

Liz and I had a blast at The Last Defender in Chicago, and were excited to try another puzzle game.

Not sure what these portraits were about, but they all seemed quite regal.

The leader board, outside our room. You can ask for hints during the game, but if you do… you become ineligible for the leader board. Based on the previous times, we’d have to complete the room in 25 minutes or less to place – which was pretty daunting.

All of us in the waiting area.

Our gamemaster, laying out some of the ground rules. It was fun watching Jasmine and Jahnu, as this was their first experience in an escape room. I think for a while there, Jasmine was worried that the door would actually be locked, and we needed to try to get out

No photos allowed in the room, unfortunately. But there was a little dress up area near the lobby, where we could take some silly photos.

The puzzles were good and challenging, with a mixture of interactive props. And a few red herrings thrown in, to make things tougher. We did ultimately solve the mystery (though not fast enough to make it onto the leader board).

Later in the afternoon, we all travelled to River Farm to attend Courteyn and Andrew’s wedding.

Post-ceremony, we had the chance for cocktails in the garden area. Though there were some clouds earlier in the day, the sky opened up after the ceremony and made for a very lovely day.

Selfie photo with Jasmine and Liz. Note: Jasmine color-coordinated, choosing some pink rubber bands for her braces that matched her pink dress.

Me and Liz, looking all fancy.

Briefly, Jasmine found herself the owner of the bridal bouquet.

Hanging out with the cousins. L to R it’s Andrew, David, Ellen, and Liz (with Uncle Corky in the background).

At our dinner table.

A view of the dining area.

My mom and dad, also looking quite fancy.

The bride and groom, having their first dance.

Courtney with Uncle Corky, having their dance.

I believe this is Gary, someone that my dad met just last night. When I came over to chat with them, the two were talking like they were old friends. My dad is only about a year older, and they seemed to have a ton in common. It wasn’t five minutes after my arrival when Gary was inviting my father to visit him in Michigan.

After dinner, Liz and I went for light stroll before the sun set.

Looking out over the Potomac.

By the time we made it back to the house, it had gotten quite dark. But it made for this incredibly lovely view.

The bride and groom, having their first piece of cake.

Dancing lights!

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