DC Vacation, Day 5: Lazy Cafe Time, Walking around Theodore Roosevelt Island, Dinner at Martin’s Tavern

Instead of being tourists, Liz and I spent the morning being lazy. We ended up walking to Busboys and Poets for some coffee, and to sit down with our code and our knitting (we ended up staying for lunch). We also seem to be on a bit of a Langston Hughes kick.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Lisa and Wyatt at Theodore Roosevelt Island. We were on the search for something a bit off to beaten path, and decided to do a bit of exploring.

Crossing the Potomac.

We arrived a little ahead of Lisa, and ended up texting her directions to find us.

The map of the island is a bit deceptive. It’s a short distance from the entrance to the main plaza.

From the center, there are two larger bridges that lead to different paths.

In the middle, a large statue of Roosevelt.


One of the many paths that circle the island.

Several of the main paths almost feel like small roads. But we wandered down one or two that were more like small bike/forest paths.

On our way out, at the parking lot, we saw a group of high school runners stretching and getting ready for a run.

We then drove over to Georgetown, and walked a bit along the river. Not sure what this building is, but the way it was shaped caught my eye.

Crazy to think that it’s been six years since we were last here.

A large sundial. I was convinced I’d find some kind of inscription on it, but no such luck.

The four of us got settled in a little early at Martin’s Tavern. We were later joined by James and Cameron.

L to R it’s Wyatt, James, Cameron (crouching), and Lisa. We got caught up over an early dinner, and had an early night. We were back to our place in time for the debates (and a few more glasses of wine).

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