Brunch at m.henry

Met up with Michelle, Mike, and Meg today at m.henry for brunch. Sadly, Josh was feeling under the weather, and couldn’t join.

Most of the group either was sick, or was just getting over a sickness. Lots of people in Chicago lately (my office in particular) seemed to have caught some kind of bug. Maybe it was the weather change, but it seems like a lot of folks have come down with the same thing lately.

There was a fancy soppressata omelette on the custom menu that looked so delicious, four out of the five of us all ordered it. I was sold on it right when I saw it on the custom menu, and didn’t even realize I had failed to look over the regular menu.

L to R it’s Liz, Meg, Michelle, and Mike.

Afterwards, we walked down to a nearby yarn shop. While everyone else was shopping, Mike and I ended up just sitting down and talking about poker (he used to be part of an organized group of friends that played regularly).

I mentioned how I used to love watching the Texas Holdem on TV (and even went so far as to get poker DVDs from Netflix). There’s a decent amount of posts in the poker archives here, but theres a ton more from the super old days (that don’t have an actual tag).

Fun chat about poker. I was reminded of that one particularly memorable game, when we were all playing for the best light saber I’ve ever seen.

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