Unexpected Apples

While at the grocery store last night, I happened to glance over to the magazines nearby. On seeing the title (and reading over some of the articles listed), I was surprised that people were that into apple cider.

To my shame, it wasn’t until just now (I’m writing this the next day), after looking at the magazine’s website, that they’re actually all about cider (the alcoholic beverage), and not just plain ol’ apple cider. I’m slow like that.

Now there’s a part of me that just wishes there was such a group of applie cider enthusiats.

Today while running some errands at Target, I chanced across their beer section. I’m a fan of Unibroue, and while I prefer “Fin du Monde,” I’ve always liked Ephemere. But the thing is that every time I see their beers, I never seem to be able to find Ephemere.

I’m not a big beer person, honestly. But the times that I find myself shopping for beer, this is the beer that I’ll keep an eye out for. If I’m at a liquor store or some place that sells alcohol exclusively, I’ll end up thinking “Hey, I wonder if they have Ephemere here.” And they never do.

So it was quite a surprise for me to see this at Target, of all places. Maybe it’s more common than I think? But it feels like I’ve actively kept my eye out for this particular beer, and it’s probably the first time I’ve seen it in an year or more.

The Time of Their Lives
Apple Pies in Frankfort, 2015

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