Back to the Basement

It’s been a while since we’ve tackled the interior of the house. Ever since our Garden Box project, we’ve mostly focused on the outside and the backyard.

Add in a lot of recent travel (Wine Weekend in Missouri, Liz going to Paris, our recent trip to DC)… and our house has really gone on the backburner.

Last night, we started to get back into the swing of things again. While Liz was out running errands, I went into the basement to do some cleaning and re-arranging.

Things have gotten really… crazy down here. Where we once had some items relocated during our previous basement shuffle, it’s grown into a “pile of things” over time.

The big goal is to move things out of this area, over into the area where we finished painting. Once cleared, we can continue our work with the paint and get all the walls.

I spent most of my time last night cleaning and sweeping up a lot of debris, clearing the area where we could relocate things. I also re-packaged a lot of supplies in newer cardboard boxes, as some of the existing boxes were getting a little gross.

I didn’t make a ton of progress before I had to stop, but it’s a start. The base work I did tonight should make it easier the next time I’m down here, cleaning up and re-arranging.

It’s going to be like this though, for most of the nights we work during the week. We’ll put in longer, more sustained time over the weekend. But during the week it will be quick bursts: come home, suit up, and tackle things for an hour or so before dinnertime.

It felt nice getting back in the swing of things, oddly. I wasn’t expecting that sensation – but I had a few waves of our previous time in the basement.

Back at it.

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