Saturday is Basement Cleanup Day

Today (after breakfast, and a quick episode of Star Trek TOS), Liz and I went down to the basement to do some cleanup work.

After talking between ourselves, and in conference with Bob, we’re refocusing on the second floor as our next area to address. But before that can happen, we need to finish up the basement first so we have a place to move all the stuff that’s currently on the second floor.

Liz, having finished cleaning the back room, is sorting our rolling tools/supply cart.

In progress view of the area with all the wood/pipes/PVC.

Everything moved over…

The previous area, after everything has been relocated. While this made a good dent, we still have a portion of the basement left to clean/re-arrange. So at least one more session of cleaning here, before we can pick up again on painting the walls.

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