Wherein I am Photographed, Unawares, Again

Our evening routine usually consists of us watching TV while eating dinner. And of late, we’ve been watching a lot of old episodes of Star Trek (the original series).

For me, if I have a lot to eat, I’ll usually get pretty tired – and have a tendency to nod off. There are usually a few other factors in play. Did I have a glass a wine earlier in the night? Did I get up super early that day? Did we eat dinner fairly late?

A few nights ago, I woke up and found the TV was off. When I reached for my phone to check Facebook, I saw a new photo appear that I didn’t recognize.

After a brief moment, I realized what happened.

Looking closer, my wife had taken my phone and taken a selfie – with the two of us. While I was sleeping. Fantastic.

I had a good laugh when I saw this, and figured you would as well.

Wherein I am Photographed, Unawares
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