Half-Past Fall

I was out back today, mowing the lawn. As the days get colder and colder, it feels weird to be mowing the grass – something that always struck me as an activity for warmer days.

As I was working, I couldn’t help but notice our neighbor’s tree once again. Where it had just started to change just a few days ago… the shift from green to red now seems to have taken over half the tree.

I really am in such awe of this tree. I’m happy to be catching the progress of the leaves changing, but a part of me wonders if I can do a time-lapse next year. Instead of one photo every five or six days, go out and capture the full transition.

All Trees are Clocks
Garden Box Timelapse (Animated GIF)
Backyard Clearing and Sod Installation in Four Days: Jungle to Lawn, as an Animated GIF

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