The Battle Between Order and Chaos is Over

This is totally ridiculous, but… the bricks that lined this tree along 55th are gone! When we first saw it, Liz exclaimed “The bricks are gone!”

I first spotted these bricks a few months ago, and ever since I saw them… I noticed this pattern. Some days in the morning, they’d be perfectly lined up. And then on the walk home, a few would be askew – possibly due to pedestrians or dogs or who knows what.

Then, the next morning – the bricks would be perfectly lined up again! Reset, like magic. It happened often enough that I took notice, and kept watching.

I annoyed Liz with these observations too, trying to figure out who would go through the trouble of straightening them so often? Why not just put them in the ground and be done with it? It was just so odd.

Today though – all gone. The mystery of the self-righting bricks comes to a close. Who removed them, and why now after all this time? Yet another little story I’ll never get closure to.

Order, Chaos, and Order Restored
I Need Closure!

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