Tearing it Up

Spotted this huge machine last week, while walking to work. It wasn’t clear what was going on until we got to the other side and looked back, and it appeared to be ripping the street apart a little at a time.

Closeup of the neck, which made me think of a huge, mechanical dinosaur. I could have stayed and watched this all morning. Fascinating stuff.

On walking home after the work day, we saw the road had been torn up. But in a really weird way.

I get moving around the manhole covers, but if you look in the middle/right… you’ll see that they ended up tearing our a little from either side of the road. And this resulted in the road narrowing into a single paved area in the middle.

It’s stayed like this for a while, so I’m still unsure what kinds of repairs are going to happen. The following few days, watching cars go by, it looks like they’re being forced to walk the plank.

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