Lazy Sunday: Pancakes, Dr. Strange, and Some Coding

Had a super lazy Sunday, and it was fantastic. Woke up early with Liz to go catch breakfast at Bongo Room (the downtown location).

Then, after that rather indulgent breakfast, we headed over to the Showplace theaters on Roosevelt… and caught an early viewing of Dr. Strange. In case you haven’t seen or heard about it, here’s the trailer:

I know a small amount about the character, gleaned mostly from reading about the New Avengers. I did read a few specific titles long before the movie came out… but I was excited to see this one.

Liz and I are both Benefict Cumberbatch fans, after getting hooked on Sherlock. I think he did a great job, and the movie was absolutely fantastic.

We got fancy seats at the theater (recliners, and no one in a row behind us to kick our seats). One of the few times I’ve actually enjoyed going out to the theater. And I liked the movie so much, I’m actually contemplating going to see it again!

Even if you’re not familiar with the character or the story, I still think it’s worth watching. Definitely ranks up there with Avengers and Thor, in terms of the really good Marvel films that have come out.

After the movie, I ended up spending most of the remainder of the day coding on a personal project. Add in the extra hour we got due to Daylight Savings, and it’s hard to beat a day like today.

Brunch at Bongo Room
Breakfast @ The Bongo Room
Exploring the Marvel API

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