A No-Supply Supply Run

I woke up early this morning to run out to Home Depot, to pick up some additional Quickwall bonding cement. This is what we’ve been using on our basement walls, to help seal and prevent moisture. After being close to finishing the back basement area, my estimate was we needed about two bags total. We had one, and I needed to pick up another.

On arriving at the Home Depot at Roosevelt, I couldn’t find it in the cement area. Talking to an employee, he looked online and found that no Home Depot stores anywhere carried it anymore. He placed a call to his Quikrete rep to find out why.

In talking more, he learned that Lowes carried it (we were both looking on our cellphones at this time). It seemed the Chatham location, where I’ve gone before for our mulch, had about thirty-some bags. So I hopped back in the car.

Later, at the Lowe’s, I found myself unable to find it in the concrete area. I spoke to another employee, and after lots of joint searching… no luck. They ultimately decided that it must have been some kind of clerical mixup, with a different type of conrete flagged as the one I was looking for.

While I was back in the car, looking at the various south suburbs that might carry the concrete… Liz called me up. She had expected me home ages ago, and we decided to just give up and work on painting today, instead.

So in effect, I went on a hour and a half joyride of Chicago this morning, for no good reason at all. Blegh.

The NW corner, where we’d be working.

We continued our process, where I did a lot of general work with the roller with Liz following up with a brush, for the detail work. We actually got done much faster than we anticipated.

I ended up taking over for the detail work close to the ground, while Liz went out to work in the yard. It was slow going for me, but hopefully when we return here for a second pass… it’ll be easier.

View of Liz doing some weeding, standing from the basement steps.

We pulled out some old pipes and old wood from under the porch, and I got us some more firewood for the fire pit. Which… we have yet to use. But we are incredibly prepared for it, whenever we decide on having a fire.

At this rate… maybe some time in December?

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