Thanksgiving Dinner at Katie and Dan’s

For Thanksgiving this year, we drove out to Katie and Dan’s house. We showed up around 1:30PM, and things were already well underway by the time of our arrival.

Liz, communing a bit with Pepper and Coda (in the sweater).

I hung out for a bit with Cameron, checking out his sweet gaming rig. This isn’t a good photo of the machine, but shows off the settings panel for his keyboard (which lets you map shortcuts to keys, and also allows you to color-code keys if you want).

Though I am far from being a gamer, I’m still familiar enough with things to have held my own in conversation. Unlike how I am with soft drink names and band names (I can’t tell the difference anymore), I did alright.

I then went over to Savannah’s room, and hung out with her there for a bit. She showed me her setup (an older PS3), and she fired up Little Big Planet 3. She told me about her character, and showed me several community worlds (one involving a customized NYC Apartment, and another featuring My Little Pony).

Dan, carving up the turkey.

The dinner table.

Each seat had its own name card. This year, Savannah realized they didn’t have cards for me and Liz… so she made ours.

Bob, pouring out a little sparkling cider for Savannah.

Each person also got a pen and a small leaf, where we wrote one thing we were thankful for. We all got to decorate the small tree, at the center of the table.

Lots of plates, lots of passing things around.

Savannah, deciding that it’s easier to take two slices from two desserts, as opposed to picking just one.

Getting a bit of her first (non-dairy-based) whipped cream.

I snuck this photo of the HUGE slice of pumpklin pie that Dan got. I was joking around with him about big slices prior to this, but watched in awe as he took a slice that was like 1/5 of the whole pie (that said, it was already a pretty huge pie).

Add to that an enormous dollop of Cool Whip. Dan’s eyes were lit up the whole time he was doing this – I had no idea he loved pumpkin pie this much!

Thanksgiving in Frankfort, 2015

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