Shuffling Along in the Basement

Spent some time today working on clearing the basement – this time, along the wall that leads to the furnace.

It’s been a mess over here for a while, and this is the last stretch of wall that we need to paint in the main area… so it was high time this all got swept up and cleaned up.

I had a Spotify 90’s pop playlist going, and that actually made the whole process very pleasant. I was amazed at how long it had been, since I’d heard some of these songs.

Later in the afternoon, I realized I officially hit middle age. Though the 90’s don’t feel that far from now, it was akin to someone listening to 70’s music while I was in high school.

It hit me: I’m an old man, listening to oldies music, while cleaning his basement.

Cleaned up, ready for some paint!

Saturday is Basement Cleanup Day
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The Basement Shuffle

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