Rooftop Access Denied (For Now)

Recently, when venturing over to Block 37, I remembered the rooftop tree I spotted, a long while ago. The tree is bare of leaves at this point, of course, but the whole space is still up there.

How, I wondered, would one get up to that patio? How could one gain access?

I went in and talked to the security guards at Block 37, and learned that the rooftop area is technically on the building… but belongs to a different company entirely. There is an apartment complex right next to the mall, called Marquee – and the rooftop belongs to them.

And so, a quick walk outside and a few steps around… I found a different set of security guards, sitting in the lobby of Marquee.

They seemed a little bored when I asked my question (which is odd, since I figured my oddball inquiries would be a slight departure from the norm). I learned that the rooftop area is for residents only.

Pressing, I asked if there was any way I could go up there to look around, and to take pictures. They told me “No.” After thinking a few moments, I asked whether I could go out there if someone who lived at the building accompanied me. At that point, they said, it was a different story. If I went with a resident, then I would be their guest and that would be ok.

So I guess the next step is for me to find someone who lives here. And convince them to take me out to the patio, and let me wander around.

I have no real motive, other than curiosity. I’ve spotted the rooftop area from State Street more than once, it’s near where I work, and I’ve always wondered what things would look like from there.

I wonder how hard it would be, to find someone and convince them I’m not a crazy person… and just someone who’s curious to see the rooftop. Maybe when the weather turns next year, when the leaves are out and the tree is green. Maybe then, I can find someone to call me their guest.

Rooftop Tree
Top of the Mart to Ya
Rooftop View of Chicago Skyline, Lincoln Park
Up on the Rooftop

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