Mipso @ City Winery Chicago

For our latest date night, Liz and I went to City Winery for an early dinner, and to listen to Mipso perform. She was a little camera shy here, but perhaps she was showing off her new bunny ring that she got last week.

The setup of the performance area is very interesting, in that it’s all seated. It was comfortable and nice (our table was in back, but elevated), but it did make me feel a little old.

Previously, going to shows meant sipping liquor out of clear, plastic cups. Now I’m having wine delivered to me at a table, while I sit.

Pictured above: opening act, Kristin Andreassen.

A shot of Mipso, gathered around a single mic. Though we were further back, the sound was still amazing.

This group is really quite phenomenal. I knew they were good live, but they sounded amazing. While I was happy to hear them in such an intimate setting, I couldn’t help but feel that they deserved to be better known, given how good they are.

I capture a small bit of video, as they ended the song “A Couple Acres Greener”:

Their harmonies are abslutely fantastic. My favorite lines from this song:

Should have been a farmin’ man,
Teach my boy to plow the land
Leave this wicked winter just
a couple acres greener when I go.

One song I really wished they would have played was “Captain’s Daughter.” Though I kind of understand why they didn’t perform this one, as I don’t think of it as an often-requested song. It’s a downer, but boy do I love it.

Our date nights seem to involve going to concerts. I could get used to this trend.

If you have the chance to catch Mipso perform, go see them. Seriously. You won’t be disappointed.

Mipso: Marianne
Mipso: Do You Want Me?
Mipso: Down in the Water

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