Meg’s Holiday Party, 2016

Spent the evening over at Meg’s apartment, attending her holiday party. First off – the spread in the kitchen was superb. Not pictured: a whole candy-cane cake, along with a mess of bacon-wrapped sausage bites on toothpicks. I exerted a great deal of self-control by not polishing off the entire tray of sausage guys.

Lovely ladies. L to R it’s Liz, Meg, and Michelle.

A table absolutely filled with hand-made slippers. Meg created a set for every guest who requested a pair, in exchange for a donation to a local organization – Center on Halsted.

I continue to find myself in awe of Meg’s activism. While many of us read the news and wring our hands quietly, she has been taking very real, very actionable steps to realize the world she wants to see.

Even in something as small as a holiday party with friends, she’s able to turn that energy into something tangible and positive. It’s incredibly inspiring.

In the kitchen, chatting with Josh, Mike, Liz, and Michelle.

Also ran into several folks I met at a previous party, some two years ago. I caught up briefly with Mina (who I didn’t get to talk to much), and also geeked out with Ben – two people I met at the holiday party Meg threw in 2014.

One of these years, I need to show up with a bottle of Tattoo.

Sewers unite! L to R it’s Vicki (who was visiting from Canada), Liz, Meg, and Michelle.

Got into a lot of really fun, neat conversations tonight. Always fun meeting your cool friend’s friends – as they tend to also be very cool, and very interesting to talk to.

Dinner and Game Night at Meg’s Apartment
Meg’s Holiday Party, 2014

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