The Poison Garden

The Poison Garden is a small garden that came about in 2005. The brainchild of the Duchess of Northumberland, it’s one of several gardens that make up the Alnwick Garden.

I saw this originally on Facebook, but it was such a neat little mini-documentary that I wanted to share it here. I love the idea that there’s a garden out there, populated fully with plants that can kill each visitor.

I also love Jones’ incredibly dry descriptions, like when he just nonchalantly says “This is atropa belladonna. Four berries are enough to kill a child.”

In my head, I’m imagining a conversation between Trevor Jones (the head gardener) and the Duchess of Northumberland (who came up with the idea of the Poison Garden). It goes something like this:

Duchess of Northumberland: You’re… Trevor. You’re in charge of my garden?
Trevor Jones: That’s right.
Duchess: My poison garden?
Trevor: That’s right.
Duchess: And you’re here to see me because…
Trevor: I’m unhappy with my salary. I want a raise.
Duchess: Wait did you say you were “unhappy?”
Trevor: Yes.
Duchess: Would a raise make you happy?
Trevor: Yes.
Duchess: You got it.
Trevor: But I haven’t mentioned how mu…
Duchess: Whatever it is, you got it.

[via Stephanie Burnie]

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