Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1

This image is actually from last night, when we arrived (Friday evening). We left Chicago around 3:30 PM, and we were moving through the city right as the first snow of the weekend started.

Luckily for us, we were pacing pretty well ahead of it, as we headed east to Detroit (where Kirt and Anne and the kids moved to, 6+ months ago). The weather wasn’t too bad on our drive over, and even though it ended up being two lanes most of the way… I was able to keep our speed close to 80 the whole time. So the trip was right around 4 hours exactly.

I will say though – seeing this was a welcome sight, after our drive.

After arriving, we got a tour of the new place. And ended up in the basement, watching a bit of TV. We ended up sitting at the basement bar, watching the second half of “It’s a Wonderful Life” – which was a nice thing to do, as we were visiting for our “Early Christmas” celebration.

Kirt was also kind enough to track down some Ephemere for me, which was a total surprise. The fact that he had read this on the blog and remembered, and sought it out was incredibly touching and thoughtful.

Later in the evening, we switched to the living room and Liz got to spend some quality time with Sandy.

The next morning, we learned that some deer were visiting the backhyard (they often like to nibble at the bird feeder). One of the kids grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos for evidence.

Later in the morning, Liz helped show Isabelle how to make macarons.

It’s been a long while since Liz made them, but she was able to share some of what she’s learned over multiple, multiple attempts.

Macaron halves, cooling.

Liz, mixing up some of the buttercream filling – and showing Jackson how to measure powdered sugar.

Isabelle, piping some of the filling and building macarons.

Jackson, using some additional filling to decorate his cookies.

Late in the evening, with the kids asleep and Liz relaxing in the living room with some knitting.

Sandy, chilling out.

Another view of Liz and the living room.

Fast forward around 11:30 PM, and Kirt returned from the airport after picking up Tricia and the kids. Their flight was delayed an hour, so they got in later than expected… but we all were staying up to greet them when they arrived.

Anne had been up early working all day, and was pretty exhausted. But after a quick power name around 10:30PM, she was up as well to see everyone show up.

Audrey is playing with Sandy’s ears, and Sebastian is a blur. And Sandy has the patience of a saint.

The kids were hilarious but so incredibly over-tired. We got to hang out for a bit, before everyone shuffled off for a late shower and then to bed.

Meeting Sandy
Kirt’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party
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