Christmas Day in Indianapolis, 2016

Christmas Day, and lots of presents to open!

Jasmine and Jahnu each made an impenetrable “wall of presents.”

Jasmine, looking on as her brother opens up a gift.

Jahnu opening up a pretty sweet Nerf bow/arrow set. You may also notice that he’s changed into another gift (a Griffindor Quiddich outfit, from Harry Potter).

Shane was equally excited by this gift. Super parent points for adding in stuffing so Jahnu couldn’t tell what the gift was by touch/feel.

Jasmine, opening one very large box…

which contained a bubble umbrella! I didn’t quite understand this as a gift, and Stacey seemed a little puzzled as well. But it was what Jasmine wanted, so this is what she got!

She put on shoes and a coat to go outside, to show it off for us through the window.

Jahnu, who got a Harry Potter wand. You’re probably spotting a theme here.

Shane, happy to have gotten some CDs…

and also happy to test out Jahnu’s new Nerf bow/arrow set.

On our way back to Chicago, we stopped to visit Grandma Phoebe. It was, unfortunately, one of her off days – and she had been sleeping prior to us arriving.

We met her and Aunt Vicky in the dining area, and sat with her a while. This year was one of the first years we didn’t all go to attend midnight services at St. John’s.

I tried to find a few photos of myself when I was younger on my site, and my dad tried to write out some words (in Chinese) explaining who I was. But sadly, she didn’t remember me.

It was a difficult visit, looking back – but I’m still happy we stopped in. She did smile ever so briefly at me, but more out of politeness than recognition. Still though, it was nice to see her smile.

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