Redesign Days

The past few days, I’ve been on a WordPress kick. On my growing to-do list, I’ve got blog redesigns (one for me, and one for Liz). I’m still not sure exactly what or when I’ll be doing my redesign, but I’ve been making good headway for Liz.

For her new site, we’re going with an existing theme – which makes things easier for me. Thanks to the awesomeness of Child Themes, the customization process is fairly clean/easy. It’s been a while since I’ve dug into WP, and it’s as fun as I remember.

The past few days, Liz and I have gotten into a decent rhythm – I’ll sit with her and get her input/direction, then I’ll work on my own a while, then we’ll meet again and review. Rinse and repeat.

Though I’ve had other things I’ve wanted to work on project-wise, once I got started on her redesign… the momentum was hard to ignore. With the ball rolling now, it just feels better to keep things progressing towards version 2 of her site.

In addition to the actual work we’ve done, it’s been really interesting to me to note the things I’m pointing out – the details and customizations I’m able to do now, versus what little I knew five years ago.

It’s also crazy to think that she launched her blog nearly five years ago. It doesn’t seem that long ago, and it also seems like a lifetime ago.

Excited to be getting a newer version together – and I’ll likely be plugging away at it in the coming days.

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