Hoppy New Year, 2017

Saw Phineas last night, and decided to get low to do some close-ups. Usually, I’ll be looking down at him, and don’t really get to see his mouth. Up close like this though – he’s even cuter than normal.

He’s a photogenic bun most days, but even more so at ground level.

Daisy was harder to capture. She kept running around Phineas, and also came up super close to the camera. So I had to settle for this photo shortly after Liz clipped her nails.

Daisy is always a bit traumatized/surprised whenever someone picks her up, so her eyes are a bit huge.

And here’s a photo we took on NYE’s, before the year’s end. Both of them are making weird faces because we had just given them carrots, and captured them mid-chew.

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