A Lazy Day in Bed

Today, we spent most of the morning recuperating in bed. It’s been a hectic and busy few days, and all we really did this morning was wake up, have breakfast, and watched movies.

I ended up reading in bed some, after that. And ended up sleeping off and on for a few hours. It was closer to 4:30 or so by the time I actually sat down in front of a keyboard.

I ended up coding only for a short while before zoning out, after dinner. I ended up hanging it with Liz while she was knitting and half-watched a movie until it was time for bed.

Though I had a lot I wanted to do today, I spent most of it in a kind of listless, recharging mode. Perhaps with all the sleep I got today, I’ll have gained a surplus and can start waking up earlier in the mornings, over the next few work days.

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