Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: Why Did You Stop?

This is a little dated, in that the event took place way back in April of last year. But I got the video footage of the event several months back, and have had it in the back of my head to share on here. I think I just needed some time and distance, before I felt like posting it on here.

The topic for the event was “Why Did You Stop?” and my talk focused on my friend Ann, who died in 2004.

It was not a very pleasant talk to practice, nor was it a very fun talk to give. But I’m glad I did talk about Ann in public.

In many ways, it vocalized a lot of things I’ve been carrying around after her death. Some of which I still carry around, I guess.

Revisiting this now again, after many months away… I’m realizing this is really a talk about me. It’s a talk about memory and guilt.

Silence After Speaking
Red Shamrocks: Remembering Ann Paeth
Ann Paeth (2006)
Ann Paeth: One Year Ago

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