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I’ve been trying to be better about my lunch choices, lately. It’s not really a resolution per se, but I’ve just been meaning to eat a little better while at work. No more sandwiches, no more fast food.

The easiest option for me has been to walk across the street to Target, for a salad from Pret. For me, in order to gain a new habit, I seem to work best if I go with monotony. I can eat better if I eat the same salad, day after day after day.

Liz and I aren’t doing South Beach again, but choosing the slightly less-intensive “better food choices” approach, as an answer to the indulgences of the holiday break.

I guess today though, I did want a break from the salad. So I got a falafel wrap, and a small chicken noodle soup.

When I took my items to the counter, I noticed a small mark on the lid of the soup cup. Looking at the design on the lid, it resembled the face of a clock.

On asking the guy behind the counter about this, he confirmed that it was an internal device they used to mark time. I thought the black mark denoted when the item was made – but turns out it marks when the item “expires.” Which makes more sense to me, and would be easier to determine at a glance.

I think “expires” is a strong word here, and given how Pret deals with food made on site… it simply denotes when an item has sat on the shelf for longer than they’d like, and is removed.

So on the lid, each large dash represents an hour, and each smaller dash represents a half-hour. I assume the lid was designed intentionally as a way to allow for this tracking, and thought it was pretty neat.

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