Surprise Birthday Party for Beth and Brandon

A few weeks ago, we got an invite to a surprise birthday party for Brandon and Aunt Beth (whose birthdays are close together). Folks drove in from all over, and were staying at a hotel in Frankfort – with a bus arranged to transport folks over to CD & Me, a few miles away.

The guests of honor, just arriving. I guess they were told to wear blindfolds, as they came in (you can see Aunt Beth still has hers on).

I think they might have had a hunch something was going on, but it was still a fun reveal. Lots of organization from Uncle David and Lauren.

A random sign at the bar.

A view from the stairwell (which led to a very neat looking still that was on-site).

Crowds mingling.

I didn’t take a ton of photos tonight, and mostly kept to a smaller circle of folks. I did talk more at length with Brynn (and a bit with her husband Scott) – two family members I hadn’t had the chance to converse much with, before. And also ended up talking a bit more with James, outside, later on in the evening.

I learned from Bob that this location started as a landscaping company, and that they had set up the surrounding area around the building with some examples of their work. Gradually, folks began showing up asking if they could reserve the outdoor area for events, and I guess that slowly turned into an additional business for them.

After dinner, I asked Bob if he wanted to take a stroll around the grounds. I grabbed Liz, and the three of us went around the building to check things out.

Just outside the north exit, we found this huge circular fire pit, lit up and just blazing.

On walking up to it, we were hit with a wave of warmth. Though I had my winter jacket on, standing next to this thing… it totally wasn’t necessary.

This thing was super cool. I totally want this for our backyard. Not a smaller version of this thing, I’m talking this exact thing. I don’t care that it would take up the full width of our yard – that seems an acceptable trade to me. Because huge stone firepit!

Bob, Liz, and I were the first ones out there – but over the course of the evening, more and more folks drited outside to gather by the fire. It ended up being quite the hangout spot, if you weren’t in the mood for music/dancing.

A really lovely evening, celebrating two birthdays. It was a really great space, and was a great way to catch up a little bit with family we hadn’t seen in a long while.

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