New Floors, a Nerd Challenge, and a Late Christmas in Valpo

Liz and I trekked over to Valpo late in the afternoon today. We were slated to help move some furniture, to get the home TV/Internet wired up again, and to exchange Christmas gifts. Wtih everyone’s holiday travel plans, coupled with the fact that Julie and Bob were getting new floors – the timing just hadn’t been good for us to get together, until this weekend.

Posting up a few shots from the last time we were here, as a comparison. These photos from my camera aren’t the greatest, and I don’t feel I’m doing justice to the true, rich color of the floors here. But hopefully you can still get a strong sense of the before/after.

Kitchen area, before.

Kitchen area after staining.

Main living room, before.

Main living room, after.

A view into the TV area, which previously had been covered in tile. Now the wood flows right into this room, making things feel more natural and connected.

Guest room, before.

Guest room, after.

Wires from the previous TV/router/modem configuration. Bob had taken some photos of the wired setup prior to dismantling things, which was helpful. But after a while, I kind of just figured out what was what. Tasked with setting up the Internet and cable again felt like an official nerd challenge.

Note: we put down some masonite, to prevent damaging the floors as we moved furniture around.

Bob and I rolled the entertainment area back in from the patio (which actually was a bit easier than I thought it would be). Since the baseboard still needs to be put on, we decided to leave everything on the furniture dollies for the time being.

I set everything up on the floor first, which made testing and changing out wires a lot easier. Once I got things working, we just relocated everything onto the shelves.

Julie and Liz, visiting on a cozy little area by the fire.

We all sipped on some wine (a bottle purchased during our wine weekend in Augusta), exchanged gifts, and visited for a long while.

Christmas in Valpo, in mid-January. A little late, but better late than never!

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