Opening Up the Transoms

In preparation for some work we’ll be doing in the basement, Liz started to work on opening up the transoms on the second floor. While they’re not over every door, we have them over three doors.

We started with the one to the guest room door. All of the transoms have been covered over and painted over. This one proved to be a little stuck, so we moved over to the door to the master bedroom (currently Liz’s office).

This one was also a little snug (see the top left corner). But with a flathead screwdriver and some gentle, gentle tapping with a hammer…

Liz got it free!

Back at the transom over the guest room door.

After seeing that the hammer approach helped loosen things up, Liz applied the same approach.

Working on the transom above (what will eventually be) the main office door).


Taking Down the Tarp
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  1. Note: I spent a lot of time, earlier this morning, looking for a video clip of the scene in Drugstore Cowboy where Rick asks “What’s a transom, Bob?”

    This led me down a rabbit hole of Drugstore Cowboy-related clips, none of which contained this scene. I’m disappointed, Internet. Very disappointed.

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