Novo Amor: Anchor

Anchor is another song by Novo Amor that I’ve been looping a lot. Much like my fascination with the song Faux, the timing of this song really hits home for me.

There’s a softness to the start, and to the falsetto throughout. And I do end up getting a bit lost over the first half of the song. But it’s the timing of the crescendo – the buildup, and the eventual crash at the end that I absolutely love.

I’m not clear what it is with this song, and with Faux… but they are perfect songs for me to work to. The rise and swell of the song, particularly when put on repeat, seem to sync up really well to my brain.

Perhaps this is how mantras work, for those who meditate. Except that for me, I’m lazy about it… and have assigned that task to someone else. Funny that this song helps me get lost when I listen to it, and at the same time… it helps with concentration.

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett: Faux

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