Liz Gets a Site Redesign!

Shortly after the start of this year, Liz and I began working on her site redesign. We figured it was time for a refresh, and I’m excited to share the news that her new site is up at!

We’ve discussed her site a lot, these past few weeks. Last night, Liz equated the work we did to wedding planning – a big list of tasks and decisions to make. Some things she had strong opinions on, other things she didn’t have any opinion on (but needed to get one). And so on.

We spent a lot of time going over existing WP themes, and found one that she liked. From there, I tweaked things a bit with a child theme, and built a local version with MAMP so we could easily view, discuss, and make changes on the fly.

Liz spends a great deal of her time creating things – sewing as well as knitting. And she keeps a detailed record of her creations online. Hard to believe that she started her blog way back in 2011.

From a technical standpoint, it was very comfortable working with this redesign. I’ve done a slew of WP sites in the past, and this site flip was pretty seamless all in all. Comparing my skillset now, versus what I knew back in 2011 was surprising. It felt pretty good, to be honest.

I’m excited by Liz’s new site, and I hope you’ll swing by and drop a line to tell her congratulations. She’s a skilled maker, and there’s just so much on there that she’s documented… it’s really incredible. Worth browsing around, just to see all the things she’s made by hand.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely shout out on my makes – but I’d also be nowhere without your skills in creating my site in the first place. :D Thank you honey.

    Liz Reply

  2. Great work! The new site looks really lovely and is a perfect platform for Liz’s gorgeous creations. :-) You two make a great team!

    M. Reply

    • Thank you for the kind words – glad you like the relaunch!

      avoision Reply

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