Liz the Accountant

At home today, Liz decided to do our taxes. I continue to count myself so incredibly lucky that she handles the numbers side of things.

I mean sure, I could go back to school again and get a Master’s of Science in Applied Statistics… but since Liz already has one, I figure why bother?

Actually, it’s probably a good thing I’m not involved with our taxes. There would be a high chance of me making some serious errors, and then us getting audited. I’m not sure the exact percentage, but it… would be a big… number. Thing.

And as I’m typing this out, I’m fairly certain I’d only last one semester in grad school for Math. Maybe two semesters. I’m not sure. One or two, whichever number is bigger.

Sorry Jim – maybe we’ll see you in 2018?

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Liz the Accountant, 2013
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