Liz, the Bringer of Light

Earlier this month, I wasn’t doing so well. I’m still unclear what was happening, or why – but my head was in a dark place. I was perpetually not happy, pretty glum, unmotivated by anything. On arriving home, rather than diving into a side project… I just thought about going to bed.

In talking, both Liz and I wondered if maybe it wasn’t a seasonal disorder thing. The days and skies were pretty overcast, and we wondered if lack of sunlight could have been a factor.

Next thing I knew, Liz told me she had placed an order for a full spectrum lightbulb.

Here’s the incredibly chipper packaging. I like that he has a bowtie.

I’m not sure why but on opening this up and taking out the lightbulb, my first action was to put it up to my nose and to smell it. I have no idea what made me do this, but it was almost instinctive/reflexive.

This light bulb is different: smell it. I’m so weird.

More details on either side. I like that there are “Lighting Facts” that resemble the kind of thing you’d see on a nutrition label. In some ways, it pushes the mind to think of this as something one might consume.

My favorite thing is on the right, where the note indicates that this full spectrum lightbulb is meant “For Indoor Use Only.”

I have it currently housed in a tall floor lamp, but am thinking something smaller on the desk would be more effective. Something closer and that could be more direct.

I was thinking about this lightbulb over Valentine’s Day, and how Liz took it upon herself to get this for me. It made me appreciate her and feel so very thankful that she’s in my life.

My wife takes care of me. She brings me things I need. And in this particular instance, she decided I needed an element of Nature. And so she brought me light from the sun.

How lucky am I?

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  1. Love you.

    P.S. Bowties are cool.

    Liz Reply

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