Measure Twice, Measure Twice Again

After work, Liz and I worked on prepping plywood in the basement. Working off of the process Bob used over the weekend, we slowly figured out how we needed to translate the layout of the wall onto the plywood itself.

We had some difficulty figuring out how to map the control line (the chalk line we snapped on the wall) to the plywood. After a quick consult with Bob, we learned that we had to take multiple measurements from the control line down to the wall, at different locations. We took the biggest one, and that’s the distance we measured upwards from the bottom of the plywood.

Everything else mostly fell into place after that, though it was a bit slow going. The first set of measurements took a while, as Liz and I talked through the logic of what needed to be recorded, and how those lines translated over to the plywood.

It’s funny, but in many ways – a lot of this work is similar to what Liz does regularly, with her sewing and knitting. The measuring, the marking, the attention to detail.

Once we got the first section done, the rest got a lot easier/faster. Luckily for us, we only had a few joists to clear… and it was smooth sailing after that.

Adding Plywood to the Basement Walls

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