Clearing the Garage in Frankfort

Today, I trekked down to Frankfort to help Bob clear out a lot of his remaining tools and things from the garage. In addition to his truck, he also had a small trailer.

We had lots to pack up! The trailer would be the place for some of his heavier items (planer, bandsaw, gangbox) with everything else going in the truck.

The view from the west window, looking down to the driveway.

The trailer, packed up to the brim!

Looking back at the garage. Reminds me a bit of this photo, taken late at night.

Upstairs, cleaning up the remaining sawdust.

It’s really hard to show the stark difference in the shop here, compared to what it was like full of tools and things. If you look at this blog post, you might get a sense of what it used to look like.

From the stairs, looking westward.

Looking towards the SW.

A clear view, from the stairs to the NW corner.

Tucked into the NW corner, looking back towards the stairs.

I really like this photo. In addition to the symmetry of things, this window was a nice thing to have open. Here’s what it looked like open during a thunderstorm.

We were thinking there would be some things we needed to leave behind, but we got it all! Two tables nested well into one another, and got strapped down to the top of the truck.

We had a long stretch working, and eventually got to a Gyro place around 3PM for lunch. It was delicious.

Another view of the top of the truck.

In Valpo, ready to unload.

All done! Mostly. Bob called it a little early, and we went in to have a beer and a sit. Afterwards, we returned the trailer and headed back to Hyde Park.

Long day, but a big day – getting all of those remaining tools out of Frankfort was really one of the last major tasks that was left. Everything is crammed into the garage for now, but at least it’s all in one place again.

Will be nice, in the coming months, to help and watch Bob’s workshop emerge again, bit by bit.

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