LEGO Sisyphus Automata

While I was showing Liz a YouTube video last night (using my phone to navigate, and playing the video on the TV via our Playstation 4), I started to browse around a little bit. I happened across something by Adam Savage (of MythBusters fame).

I had watched one of his “one day build” videos earlier in the week ((Chewbacca’s Bandolier), and I guess YouTube figured I’d like some of the other videos. And boy, did they figure right!

I’ve never created any automata, but I am utterly fascinated by them. I’d seen this particular creation (Sisyphus pushing his boulder), but was transfixed as I watched the actual build process.

The creator of the sculpture is Jason Allemann, and he’s got both the instructions as well as the full parts list on his site.

Here’s a video with lots of closeup views. This thing is so amazing:

Watching Adam and Norm create this machine from scratch was a delight. There is something great about watching nerds in their nerd zone, totally nerding it up. It’s amazing.

I was really surprised at just how large this automata was, when all was said and done. I always imagine them as small, delicate pieces like a watch – but this thing is huge! And looks amazing.

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