Daisy Gets Overly Ambitious With the Parsley

When it’s mealtime, the bunnies usually go right for the herbs. We cycle between a few: Italian parsley, curly parsley, and cilantro. Sometimes they’ll also get sage or mint, depending on whether we have some from the backyard.

We noticed this thing with Daisy, though. When she starts eating, she grabs a big mouthful and just goes to town. She won’t try to pick out a modest piece – she’ll grab as much as she can manage, and then wrestle the whole thing in the air as she slowly chews it down.

You know it’s big when she raises up on her hind legs. Usually after that happens, she’ll start arching her head backwards, almost throwing her head back as she eats.

One of these days, I honestly think she’ll throw her head back so far… she’ll end up tipping over.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s hilarious when it does. Liz and I have been wanting to capture this moment for a while now, and I’m delighted we now have a longer version of it on video.

Daisy, Dinner
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