Where There’s Smoke…

On my way out to lunch, I noticed a lot of police cars and fire trucks along State Street. I also noticed that the security guard in our building followed me outside, and was standing by the front door, looking at the commotion.

Figuring she might have heard some news, I circled back to ask her what was going on. She said she had heard there was a fire at the Palmer House.

Walking down a bit further, I saw most of State Street blocked off. It looked serious, but there was also a lot of pedestrians walking by, not too overly concerned.

Up close, it looked like a strong plume of smoke blowing out of a window. You could see this from pretty far away, and it was almost like a powerful exhaust.

I found a fireman nearby, who was packing up – and I asked him about the fire. He told me that someone had called in, reporting smoke… but on investigating the premises, it turned out to be just steam.

Whatever the cause was, it must have been related to the building. Radiators maybe, or the boiler? I can’t imagine being inside all of that, and hope no one got hurt.

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