An Eye Exam Leads Me to Acknowledge the Slow March of Time, Bemoan the Frailty of the Body, and Grapple with My Own Mortality

Today, Liz and I had eye exams over at D/Vision Optical, in Ukranian Village. I started coming here back in 2005, and Liz started coming here with me circa 2009.

We’ve liked the people and the glasses here, and have just made it a point to come back. Even after we moved to Hyde Park.


Liz, putting up with my constant photos. I took this mostly so I could capture the artwork on the wall.

When I got my last pair of glasses here (back in 2014), I struggled with them a little. I thought for a while that it was just an adjustment period, but after coming back a few times for fixes… I kind of just gave up and figured my lenses were a little off.

I was having trouble seeing things a bit further away. Calling them “blurry” is too strong, but they weren’t quite in focus. Which was odd, given that I had gotten a new pair of glasses.

I chalked it up to the fact that my current lenses were larger/wider than what I normally had in the past. And maybe the lenses were a bit off, given my really strong prescription (my vision is bad, my glasses are thick).

After today’s exam, I learned that I should probably get… progressive lenses. Which is a nice way of saying that I need bifocals.


The reason I was having some struggles with text at a distance was due to me being on the cusp of … I forget the precise term. Presbyopia, I think.

Whatever I’ve been experiencing the last few years is likely the result of aging. And progressive lenses should help me with seeing things near as well as far, since the top part of the lens will be for distances… and the bottom part will be for closer reading.

My main worry was how these new lenses would impact my work, day to day. My doctor suggested I keep the monitor lower, so that I would be viewing things using the bottom half of my glasses. Which… sounds a little troubling.

I like having my screen at eye level. I use a text editor for most of the day, and full the screen with variables and functions and all sorts of whatnot. How, I wondered, would progressive lenses change my work life?

I ultimately decided to go with the doctor’s recommendation, so we’ll see how those new lenses work out. I’m sure they’ll be fine, it’s just… sitting there, talking with the doctor, it made me incredibly aware again of the slow passing of time.

My birthday is coming up. I’ll be turning 43. That’s a daunting number, and I still feel like I haven’t quite gotten used to the fact that I crested 40 a few years back.

And now, hearing that my body is breaking down a little more? Nothing to do except shrug, I guess. Or squint a little more.

Subject matter for a poem, I suppose.

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