Today is my birthday. I woke up, walked up the stairs, and saw that my desk was covered with balloons. More specifically – my monitor was covered with balloons (and tape), but this is what it looked like after I plucked them off.

In addition to this – there were balloons in the bathroom as well: one taped to the toilet, and several waiting in the bathtub/shower.

It’s a little harder to decorate our place with balloons, since the house is a kind of construction zone. But Liz has a strong track record of manifesting my love of balloons on my birthday day.

Fast forward to the evening: I got to open a few of my gifts. In particular, this one is a pincushion that I can wear on my wrist.

As Liz is an avid sewer, I have begrudgingly learned the art of hemming. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll hold pins in my mouth, and always muttered about how I’d rather have a pincushion to make my task easier.

I was hoping for something a little… manlier. But I guess this pincushion made from an actual kimono will have to do.

This is a gift from Liz to me. But I have this sneaking suspicion it’s also a gift for her, too.

In addition to the pin cushion, I also got a copy of Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology” – which I’m super excited about. I was a total nerd about fairy tales and mythology as a kid, and still remember many of the old tales. Being a Neil Gaiman fan to boot, I’m looking forward to his retellings.

I also got a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones: the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Noise-Cancelling Headphones to be exact. Which I found based on this Wirecutter review.

Disclaimer: the links above are Amazon affiliate links. If you click on them and buy something from Amazon as a result, I get a small portion of that sale. I try to only use affiliate links for things I actually own.

And finally – a “Happy Anniversary of Being Alive!” card. Which is definintely better than that time where Liz gifted me with a “Is Life Worth Living?” booklet.

Right now, I’m sipping a glass of wine and listening to some music using my new, fancy headphones (they’re really great). Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, via Facebook, via Skype, and in person.

I’m still not quite over the fact that I’ve crested 40, but I’ve mostly been just rolling with the day today. Happy to have Liz in my life, and happy for another trip around the sun.

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