Coding Day

Took the day off work today (as my birthday day off), and how do I spend it? Instead of sitting in front of a computer coding downtown all day, I sit in front of a different computer coding all day. Because apparently, that’s what I like doing in my time off.

Spent a large part of the day getting refamiliar with mongodb, and trying out a few different ways to save/retrieve timestamps. I’m using React Toolbox, and have two different components setting a specific date and a specific time. Originally, I was storing these as two different values… but decided on merging them into one date/time object.

Also – had to work out some logic to validate a start and end date/time (have to ensure that the start date/time doesn’t come before the end date/time). Got a lot more familiar with Moment.js too.

Getting closer to the point where most of my logic is nearly stubbed out. Things are working the way I expect, and I’m able to save/retrieve content to boot. Looking forward to getting to the design and polish stage.

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