Birthday Dinner at Swift and Sons

Liz took me out tonight for a birthday dinner at Swift and Sons. We had a lovely time, getting there around 6:30PM and took our time with the meal.

I had a plan going into the meal – vowing to take my time, and to try not to overeat. I did ok, and avoided getting uncomfortably full. But I didn’t heed my plan when it came to a second drink.

I had a martini with my appetizer, and decided on a glass of wine with the meal. Which was fine, up until we got to dessert. Near the end of our meal, I started to get red and felt the slow onset of Asian Flush.

Unfortunately, by the time we got home… I had a roaring headache, and ended up taking a big nap (the perfect thing to do, right before bedtime). The discomfort lessened after I finally woke up, but I definitely haven’t felt that unpleasant in some while.

This is mostly why I dislike mixing food with alcohol. I usually make an exception on my birthday, and sometimes it works out ok. Today though… was not one of those days.

Good news: at least I have a lot of tasty leftovers.

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